Monday, 20 July 2015

Moving Day Cardboard Box

No better way to pack up for your big day than with old-fashioned cardboard boxes! Make moving a cinch by putting your oblong belongings into rectangular boxes that are perfect for stacking, transporting and moving to a new destination.

Self-Storage Units are a Great Answer for College Students

College students can acquire a lot of stuff, and there are certain times during the college experience that require packing up the dorm room temporarily. Moving belongings home is not always the best or most practical option. Self-storage can be the answer to the nightmare of luging items home and then back to school again.

1. Summer Break
If you plan to move home for the summer and then return again for the fall semester, consider moving your belongings to a storage unit rather than taking them home with you. This makes the transition from summer to fall much easier, and your parents don’t have to find room for you and your things.

2. Studying Abroad
If you are lucky enough to pursue your education in a foreign country, the best way to store your things while you are away is in a storage unit. You can feel confident that your possessions are safe and secure, and you can avoid the hassle of shipping your items home.

3. Upon Graduation
When you finally graduate and land your first job, you may need to move out of town or into an apartment that has size restrictions. If you are one who has a hard time letting go of things like college memorabilia, a storage unit is a great option. You can keep your treasures out of sight and in storage until you have an apartment or home large to bring everything with you.

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Self-Storage Developer Proposes Creative Tax Solutions for Project in Prospect Heights, IL

Prospect Heights aldermen recently approved a Cook County, Ill., Class 7C tax incentive for the vacant property on which developer Jonathan Lunn intends to build a self-storage facility… read more

Top 5 Reasons That Self-Storage Is an Excellent Choice While Moving

Getting ready to move to a new home? If the move is happening in the next few weeks, you may want to rent out a storage unit for your belongings. Check out the top five reasons for using a storage unit below.

1. Have a Place to Keep Some of Your Belongings Secure
Have extra stuff that you are not sure what to do with? Instead of giving some belongings away that you are not ready or willing to part with, place them inside of a storage unit for the time being so you can focus more on the move.

2. Take Your Time Figuring Out What to Keep and What Not to Keep
There are times when you may feel rushed because you are trying to pack boxes and get everything ready for the new house. If you put some of your stuff into a storage unit, you can come back for it later to decide what you are going to keep and what you are going to get rid of instead of bringing it into the new home.

3. It Helps You Avoid Some Moving Stress
There are a lot of things about moving that are often stressful. However, when you know that some of your stuff is secure, it is just one less thing you have to stress yourself about.

4. Unpack on Your Own Time
Instead of rushing to unpack everything at once, you can decide to take one or two boxes from the unit at a time. Unpack on your own time and do it little by little so that it does not become overwhelming on you.

5. Use It As Long As You Need It
Keep some boxes of your stuff in the unit for weeks, months and even years if you need to.
These are some of the best reasons to use a self-storage unit. If you would like to know more about moving supplies in Salinas, visit this website.

Room Full of Moving Boxes and Containers

While moving day can be a stressful occasion, there are also subtle beauties found in the formation of stacked boxes and containers. Whether it’s cardboard, stacked picture frames or wicker baskets, it signals the end of an era and the start of a new beginning.

Acquiring Self-Storage Facilities: How to Be a Better Buyer and Close the Deal

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Choosing the Best Lock for Your Storage Unit

A big concern for a storage-unit user is safety. Most storage facilities are equipped with adequate security systems, but it is still important to invest in a decent lock for your storage unit. Consider these options:

1. Cylinder Locks
These locks are the type of locks that are found on the front door of a home. They are flat and round, and the user has to insert a key to turn the bolt to gain entry. These locks do well for self-storage because they can’t be cut using bolt cutters.

2. Disc Locks
Disc locks look much like a regular padlock. They comein a round shape, which makes them more difficult to break. These types of locks can be purchased at a hardware store, and they will likely fit the door latch of the storage unit. The prices vary, but it would be wise to choose the high-end disc lock.

3. Closed Shackle Padlock
The closed shackle padlock is equipped with a heavy-duty cover, which covers the u-shaped portion of the lock. This type of padlock exposes very little of the shackle; and as a result, it is more difficult to cut with saws or bolt cutters.

While most storage facilities are quite safe on their own, adding extra security with the right lock will keep you feeling good about storing your goods for the short or long-term. Locks vary in terms of cost and security, so doing a little research is worth the effort. To find storage units in Salinas, please visit this website.